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Company Profile

We are a team of professional and experienced tradespeople, specialising in new builds and retrofitting with energy efficient windows. The team at Prime Double Glazing has been supplying and installing high performance double glazed windows in London homes for many years.


Prime Double Glazing feels proud in launching the latest glazing solution products in the UK market. We aim to deliver the most efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing windows and doors in conjunction with the best of the European UNITED kINGDOM profile and hardware manufacturers in coordination with the best glazing suppliers.


Our Vision


Our Vision is to provide London with the world’s best double glazed uPVC And Aluminium  windows and door Systems.


Our Mission


With London, UK clients across the domestic, industrial and commercial markets, we remain committed to providing outstanding product and quality service, and implementing continuous improvement by maximising our labour and capital to provide genuine value for money.


Whether it’s a domestic renovation or a large scale commercial development, every single glazing solution is tailored to the specific requirements of the client.




Our windows and doors offer outstanding thermal performance, noise reduction, and superior water and air tightness, all of which is underpinned by our environmentally-friendly, lead free, calcium zinc stabilized uPVC frames.




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